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March 2014 

From: Bill Edwards
President, American Home Counsel
Dear Friend,

Sometimes you decide to take on a challenge and your life changes profoundly as a result.Deciding to build your own home is one of those life-changing challenges.

Your home is not just a  “roof over your head”  but an expression of your lifestyle, your personality, your hopes and dreams, and even your financial position and security in the world.  By building your own home, you are taking control of two of the most fundamental aspects of life—your shelter and your financial well-being.

Why let someone else make critical decisions and choices about one of the most important emotional AND financial possessions in your lifeyour home? With a little knowledge and some perseverance, YOU CAN build your own home, save substantial money, and increase your own net worth — essentially creating a bank account for your future!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to save up to 40 percent of the cost a builder would charge?
  • Do you want to make ALL of the decisions about your new  home?
  • Do you want to take control of your financial future?
  • Do you want to gain valuable knowledge and skills?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then my book, The Ultimate Guide to Contracting Your Own Home: Save 30 to 40 Percent on the Cost of Your New Home, tells you exactly how.

Why listen to me?  I’ve built more than 200 custom homes for clients and for my family over the past 30 plus years (I started my career as a construction superintendent for a custom home builder in 1977) and I’ve learned the hard way what to do, and just as importantly, what NOT to do.  And I’ve gotten good at it…very good.  In fact, I’ve turned my own personal homes into a wealth building machine of sorts, but that’s another topic altogether that you’ll learn about in a bonus free gift when you buy the book.

I’m not going to pretend that building your own home is the easiest thing you will ever do, but I do know that it will be one of the most satisfying and rewarding accomplishments you will ever achieve. So, if you are ready to take control of your own home and your own financial future, my book will teach you everything you need to know.

In short, the book condenses my 30 years of professional building experience into an industry insider’s guide detailing the strategies, procedures, and thinking that builders live by.  It’s a concise system for building your own home that I’ve employed over and over again and have made substantial money as a result.

Even if you are just in the thinking stage about building or remodeling your home, this book is the best investment you can make.  You’ll gain a “must have” insider’s knowledge and an action plan that could change your life forever. The book’s price of $17.95 is small amount to pay for something that could potentially make such a positive impact on the way  you live and your financial security as well!  For the cost of going out to lunch, you might just discover how to change your entire way of life!

Maybe you’re thinking that I’m being overly dramatic, but I’m really not.  Building my own personal homes over the years (not to mention the 200+ I’ve built for others) has created a wonderful way of life for my family and me and I know it can for you too!  There is nothing more rewarding than watching a home that you’ve planned come to life.  The feeling is truly powerful.

I’ve received some wonderful compliments over the years from people who have asked me to help them build their own homes (see some of their comments on the sidebar).  In fact that’s why I decided to write this book.  I wanted to help other people achieve the same goals and dreams that I have.  I want to add you to that list as well! I look forward to hearing from you as you embark on this exciting and lucrative journey!


Bill Edwards


 For only $17.95, you can start reading this book in minutes!Guarantee-Graphic

No shipping charges or waiting for the mail to arrive! And, we offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee…no questions asked. The book comes in PDF format and all you need is a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Reader (link provided).  Further, if you are unable to download the book successfully, just e-mail us and we will send you a copy of it on a CD at no extra cost.

Buy this book and I’ll show you how to build your own home and build your net worth, all while getting tremendous self-satisfaction from your accomplishments. There’s nothing like the feeling of standing back and marveling at the home YOU built. Or having your friends and family admire your new home and asking you, “how in the world did you do all this yourself!”

What’s more, if you order today, you will also receive two additional publications for free!

That’s a $35 value!

Free gift #1 - Home Building/Remodeling Money Saving Guide – Learn many money saving techniques from choosing the “right” money saving design to saving money on energy costs to saving money on taxes! Plus, learn how to build your own equity matrix to gain financial freedom in just a few years! A $20 value for free!

Free gift #2 - Home Building Forms – Get all the forms and sample contracts you need…a sample lot purchase contract, a sample subcontractor’s contract, an interactive HUD Description of Materials (specifications) form, and an estimate and cost accounting tracking form! A $15 value for free!

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You will receive your book and two additional publications in minutes!

Thank you! And let us know how YOUR home turns out!

Bill Edwards

President, American Home Counsel

Publisher, Contracting Your Own Home: Save 30% to 40% on the Cost of Your New Home

PS. The “equity matrix” system alone teaches you how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars tax free! The information is priceless!