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New Home Building Tips…

So you’ve decided to build/contract your own home.  That’s GREAT!  It’s likely that you have made the decision because you want to be in charge of the important decisions about your new home AND because you want to save money.


Financing Your Construction Project

If you’re like most people, you’ll need to get a construction loan to build your home.  These loans are not the same as mortgage loans, and qualifying for one is a little different too. Following is an outline of the


Building Your Own Home FAQs

What does it really mean to be a builder? When you become your own builder, you essentially become a project manager.  Consequently, think of your job as a builder—project manager—in terms of making things happen through the talents and resources


Benefits of Building Your Own Home

Hello everyone and welcome to our new blog!  After five year of helping folks build their own homes, we are really excited to be joining the “blogging” community now so that we can share our tips with even more people!